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  • February 8, 2017

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could fulfill all your basic dance needs for the entire year at a one-stop shop? Or if there was someone to whisper in your ear everything you’d need for a new competition season? Well, you’re in luck! Here, we’ve compiled some serious must-haves to keep your dance drawers stocked and your feet kick-ball-changing!

Daisy kids ballet slipper Starting from the bottom up. 

Shoes, shoes, shoes. No matter your dance style of choice, you just can’t perform without the correct footwear. It’d be like playing soccer in flip-flops or like painting without a brush.

For ballet, there’s nothing like Capezio’s top-selling Canvas Juliet (or Canvas Romeo for the males). With this shoe, there is no bunching. Instead, the seamless slipper accentuates a sculpted arch and features a tacked-down elastic drawstring that can’t be pulled out (because that’s the absolute pits when that happens!). And the Juliet’s soft, moisture-absorbent lining allows you to better feel the floor, something you need to achieve better balance and more solid pirouettes. The shoe also comes in a Leather Juliet version, a favorite of American Ballet Theatre Soloist and Capezio Athlete Skylar Brandt.

The Daisy Kids ballet shoe is the perfect shoe for those baby ballerinas. The shoe is made of leather in a wider fit, lasting longer for those quickly growing feet. And the “this belongs to” ID tag allows for no confusion with other dancers’ shoes at the studio.

For jazz, nothing is more timeless and classic than Capezio’s E-Series Jazz Slip On shoe. Available in black or caramel and also in child sizes, this is a no-fuss, I-mean-business jazz shoe, ideal for class, performance or competition. And with features like an Achilles relief, padded sole, absorbent cotton lining and soft, durable leather, the E-Series is a comfortable best seller. Sign me up!

Capezio Jr Tyette Tap Shoe For tap, you’ve got to be at the tip-top of your shoe game. A quality shoe will offer quality sound and a better performance! Capezio’s Jr. Tyette™ is fabulous for kids – it’s comfortable, secure on the foot and features the incomparable Tele Tone® Taps. And for a polished, professional look, the Oxford style Tic Tap Toe is the way to go. Both beginner tappers and more advanced dancers can benefit from the shoe’s sleek look, solid sound and easy-to-break-in comfort!

Turns for days are made possible with the Pirouette II turning shoe. The shoe is great for lyrical and contemporary, and you’ll love the way it hugs and moves with your foot!

Tights: Can’t get enough.

Dance tights are like the socks and underwear of your everyday attire – you can never have too many pairs! And for competition or performance, it’s always best to go on with a fresh pair, so stock up!

Capezio Professional Fishnet TightsCapezio’s Ultra Soft Transition Tights come in a variety of colors to match your skin tone. With the soft yet durable material and the convertible foot, you’ll want several pairs in your dance drawer.

For versatility and comfort, you can’t go wrong with (several pairs of) Ultra Soft Stirrup Tights. Legs look beautiful, and you’ll feel comfy in the Ultra Soft Footed Tights; stock up on them for ballet class. For an even tighter hold, Capezio offers the Hold and Stretch Footed Tights. The Studio Basics Footed Tights are great for kids, and for a polished, professional performance look for jazz or musical theater routines, dancers should go with Capezio’s Professional Fishnet Seamless Tights.

Costume bag must-haves. 

Don’t pack your competition or performance bag without a couple of crucial items. Bunheads® makes great Hair Nets, and clean hair on stage will surely make you look more professional and polished. Keep an extra pack in a pocket of your dance bag at all times!

Capezio’s Briefs are the best costume undergarment. They’re available in nearly every color of the rainbow to match your costume, and they fit comfortably with a traditional rise and leg line.

Boy Cut Low Rise ShortGet on Team Basic. 

A favorite of Capezio Ambassador Maddie Ziegler, Capezio’s Camisole Leotard with Adjustable Straps is multi-purpose. This classic leotard comes in every color under the sun and can be adjusted to be styled as a criss-cross or halter-style leotard. It’s perfect as a leotard in class or an undergarment for performance. We want one in every color!

And to match that look, score a few pairs of the Boy Cut Low Rise Short, offered in 20 colors and designed for equal stretch and coverage.

With these reliable, top-selling shoes, tights and dancewear basics, you’ll be all set for your next competition season and dance-ready for your year of classes and performances. Stock up and dance on!

Article produced by Dance Informa.

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