Larsen Thompson opens up about her career and modeling for Capezio

  • July 19, 2016
  • by Chelsea Thomas

As a dancer, you probably know Larsen Thompson for her fierce, viral YouTube videos dancing with her frequent partner-in-crime Taylor Hatala. If you’re not a dancer, Larsen is likely still recognizable to you for her stunning work modeling for various print campaigns and TV commercials.

Even though she’s still not old enough to legally drive herself, the teen phenom has professionally performed as a back-up dancer on The X Factor, Kids Teen Choice Awards for Christina Aguilera and Pit Bull, Shake It Up on Disney and Nickelodeon’s Fresh Beat Band. She’s starred in national commercials and print campaigns for corporations like Microsoft, Target, Nintendo, McDonalds, Paramount, Nissan, Walmart and Coca-Cola. Since 2013, when she was recognized as one of the Top Ten Prodigies for the Industry Voice Awards, Thompson’s career has only skyrocketed even more. Since signing with Zuri Models, she’s been modeling almost nonstop between dance classes, industry gigs and releasing her sizzling dance videos.

Recently, Larsen was invited to model for Capezio for the first time, to promote the new line of Betsey Johnson designs. Here we catch up with this young starlet to hear about her career thus far.

Larsen, you’ve been dancing professionally for almost 7 years now. What are some of the highlights of your dancing career? 

“One of the biggest highlights in my dance career was being awarded an Elite Protégé from The Pulse dance convention. It provided me the opportunity to be mentored by choreographers like Brian Friedman, Tessandra Chavez, Tyce Diorio, Dave Scott and Tricia Miranda. Performing in my first live television program on the X Factor was an incredible growth experience for me as a dancer. Recently, dancing for the Radio Disney Music Awards was a huge honor as we were featured throughout the show and also got to dance with Flo Rida, which was just awesome! Lastly, being a featured dancer/actor on the new television pilot – Dance Video Throwdown – which aired on Lifetime in April, was an incredible opportunity and a memory I will always cherish.”

At only 15 years old, you’ve garnered quite a following across social media and YouTube. What has this journey been like?

 “Social media has been a great outlet to share my experiences and hopefully motivate others to continue dancing and doing what they love. My message to all of my supporters is just be you and don’t worry what others say or think about you. I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of my family, mentors and friends who continue to challenge me to be the best me. It is amazing that I get to share my experiences through social media with others and I hope to be viewed as a positive role model within the entertainment industry.”

Just in 2016, you’ve been incredibly busy. Can you give us a quick run-down of what you’ve been working on? 

“The highlight moment of 2016 thus far is working with Capezio and Betsey Johnson as the new face of their dance line being launched this summer. I love to fuse fashion and dance and this project was amazing/humbling to work with a fashion icon and a world-renowned dance apparel company.

Over the past few years I have been equally focused on my modeling career so I have had the opportunity to work with several high fashion brands and [I’ve been] featured on the covers of Dance Spirit, Neo2 and Indie magazine in 2016. I am in NYC right now shooting a commercial for Macy’s back to school campaign. I am excited to see what the future holds for me.”

Hip-hop is the dance style you’re most known for. Who do you train with?

“Hip-hop is a blast and is very commercial, so much of my work is around this style of dance. I train locally on my technique, improvisation, and contemporary with one of my mentors, Jess Warfield, at her studio. When I’m in Los Angeles I love to drop in and take classes in all dance styles to continue to develop as a dancer. Brian Friedman has been an amazing mentor, friend, supporter of my career and for that I am forever grateful and appreciative.”

When Capezio approached you about modeling for its new Betsey Johnson Collection, why were you excited?

“I was shocked and surprised as I have always wanted to work with Capezio since I started to train and take dance more seriously – I love their products too. To have the opportunity to model for these two amazing companies is an honor and a privilege. I hope everyone loves the new line as much as I do.”

What was the photo shoot like?   

The photo shoot was really cool. We actually shot in an old fire station in New Jersey. Everyone was so friendly and supportive and the vibe was super fun. We shot several looks and I picked out accessories to accent the lines while putting my personal touch to it.”

Out of the pieces you modeled, which were your favorite?

“My personal favorite was the pink and black leotard with the silver choker. It is something that I wear often when I’m training but versatile enough to incorporate into my everyday street style wear too.”

Overall, why do you think this new collection by Betsey Johnson is unique?

“This line is out of this world and unique because it mixes fashion and dancewear. It has an edgy, sassy, ballerina punk style to it, making it pop and stand out. The colors and patterns are so Betsey and anyone wearing this line will exude a sense of style and personality!”

Be sure to follow Larsen at @larsenthompson and @larsenthompsoncom on Instagram to see what she’s up to!

Article produced by Dance Informa.

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