Kalani Hilliker is the New Face of Dear Kate

  • July 20, 2016
  • by Laura Di Orio

This summer, as Capezio unveils its new line of dancewear in partnership with the brand Dear Kate, there are bound to be some female fans. The special line of leotards, briefs and more offers the comfort and style of Capezio with the science of Dear Kate’s ultra-protective technology, ensuring that female dancers are well-covered and in style at all times.

Now you can dance freely and worry-free, as this new Capezio-Dear Kate line takes care of the rest. All dance products are lined with an Underlux fabric technology, acting as a full replacement for panty liners or as a back-up to your regular pad or tampon.

The new face (and a big fan) of the Capezio-Dear Kate line is Kalani Hilliker of Dance Moms fame. The young dancer-model recently participated in a photo shoot for the line, and we got to hear all about it, along with her thoughts on some of the new products, sure to be a hit this summer!

What do you think of the new Dear Kate line?

“I think it’s super cute and comfortable!”

Why do you think Dear Kate products are great for female dancers?

“It is super comfy, and you don’t have to worry about anything while you’re dancing!”

What was your recent photo shoot for the Dear Kate line like?

“My recent shoot for the Dear Kate line was in NYC and at a studio that had a beautiful view of the city! I did a photo shoot but also a video shoot. It was so much fun!”

Do you have a favorite product so far in the new Dear Kate line? If so, what is it?

“I love the leotard! I love wearing leotards, it fits perfectly and I loved it!”

What Dear Kate products do you think are going to be hot this summer?

“I think the briefs and the leotard because a lot of people are wearing those items this year.”

How does it feel to be the face of the Dear Kate line?

“It’s awesome to be the face of this incredible brand that helps female dancers feel comfortable dancing!”

What are your summer dance plans?

“This summer I will be attending nationals, a few dance events, and I will also be holding a few events where I get to teach. I’m super excited!”

Article produced by Dance Informa.

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