Introducing the New Cambré Pointe Shoe

  • April 15, 2016
  • by Laura Di Orio

As Capezio is a brand that heeds innovation as much as tradition, it introduces its latest pointe shoe, the Cambré, slated to hit stores this April.

The Cambré is lightweight and pliable and in line with Capezio’s best-selling shank strengths, #3 and #4.

“We’ve added some flexibility to the forefoot of the shank that isn’t in our stock collection of pointe shoes,” shares Melissa Brannan, vice president of design and merchandising for Capezio. “That we’re adding a feature that is typical of a Special Order pointe shoe into a stock shoe is exciting.”

The Cambré also promises to offer more connection between the dancer and the floor, giving more stability and control to the wearer.

“We’re building on the success of our new sole construction that keeps the shoe flat to the floor so the relationship between the dancer and the floor is as close as it can be,” Brannan explains. “And improving the connection between a dancer and the floor is always exciting.”

The Cambré pointe shoe will come in variations for all foot types. For dancers with an “Egyptian” shaped foot, or a tapered toe profile, Cambré’s tapered styles 1127W and 1129W will suit them best. For those with a “Roman” shaped foot, or a square toe profile, the broad styles 1126W and 1128W will be the appropriate fit.

Capezio is always looking to improve on what the brand has done in the past, and to apply new technology and also customer feedback when creating new products.

“We’re big on honing the tradition of the art form, and we are mindful of how to best marry the pace of technology and what we learn with each new product to the tradition of each craft,” Brannan says. “The Cambré does exactly this. It marries beautifully with the Airess in practice because it is an extension of a traditional product line, where we find the Airess is superb for dancers looking for harder shoes and the need for a softer shoe remains.”

This intent behind appeasing all dancers and foot types is exemplary of the type of work Capezio does for all of its products.

“Capezio’s goal is to embed smart technology in stunning designs for a soft touch, great fit, ease of movement and maximum comfort,” Brannan adds. “Shoes and clothes that fit and flex so the dancer looks and feels beautiful. Sumptuous fabrics, gorgeous colors and patterns, and refined designs are the final ingredients that give dimension to the aesthetic. Beauty is in the details. It’s quality and affordable style.”

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  • KCMB

    My daughter is in her third year on pointe, is studying at the pre professional level, and while we had searched and tried all the pointe shoes we could get for her to try on, she did not yet have the perfect shoe for her foot. She liked two other shoes, each for deferent reasons, and she always wished those two pointe shoes could be combined, to make the perfect shoe…and when I read about the Capezio Cambre, I thought it sounded as if it might work. We tried it on her, and it fit like a glove and supports her foot that no other has done and she feels like she wants to dance in pointe for hours. The Capezio Cambre combined the larger, hard and stable feeling block/platform of one shoe she like, the lower profile and flexible yet high side wings as well as the lower sides so her arch shows and there is not bagging of another shoe she liked. On top of that it also has the elasticized binding to keep everything smooth to her while foot. This shoe is amazing on her, it gives her an amazing amount of support because of the half shank option, while still allowing her arch to bend and move and be totally over her box.

    The trouble is that to find the Capezio Cambre was a challenge. Her local fitterseither did not carry the shoe or if they did, they had no idea about how these shoes worked and only had them in whole/long shanks and medium width. In fact they told me it did not come in narrow width. I knew it did, but they insisted it did not. I also tried to explain that the shanks were not soft/medium/hard, so much as half/three quarter/long which impacts where the shoe hits the arch and that it depended on the foot of the dance which shank lefty would be good. Ultimately, I ordered some from an online store, in a few sizes to find perfect fit, and they fit amazing!! I hope fitters start to understand how some of the new shoes are made different. I also hope, for my daughters sake, that the Cambre continues to be made, because it is like it was made for her. She feels like her feet now look like the professional ballerinas do, and that she is able to do anything she wants on the shoe because it fits and supports her in the perfect way!
    For reference for anyone wondering what type of foot she has in case they are looking for a shoe for a similar foot, though I know the Cambre would fit other feet due to the options available, I will give the basics of her feet… They are somewhat narrow to medium, but they are compressible to narrow, they are very low profile feet (not many shoes are low enough for her to support the top of her foot, she has a second longer toe but with spacers and big toe caps she has her first three toes about the same length -so she went with the broad toe versus the tapered, her feet are also widest at metatarsals and get narrower in middle and heel, she has a moderate to high arch but a fairly low instep, her ankles are moderately flexible but not super archy and she does have strong feet. The half shank just places the hard part of the shank right where she needs it to push into her arch for support while allowing her foot to fully pointe and articulate.
    Watching her face light up as she easily held long balances and did hops and roll up and down to perfect pointe was worth the time, money and effort at trying so many pointe shoes. We had found pointe shoes that were pretty good, but not perfect, and we kept looking. I can not believe the difference it made to find the perfect shoe for her. I hope the Capezio Cambre becomes more understood by fitters and more readily available to other dancer to try.

  • Marcia

    ‘m Classic Ballet teacher you need a comfortable shoe to teach for more than 5 hours daily. Capezio which provides for such cases?