Female Dancers: Dear Kate Has Got You Covered

  • May 27, 2016
  • by Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

As female dancers of a certain age, we have some extra things to worry about when wearing dance gear…but, rather than hide in bed and avoid dance classes when it’s that dreaded time of the month, why not dance worry-free and protected?

Dear Kate, a special line of underwear and activewear for girls, promises to have you covered! Capezio is partnering with Dear Kate to unveil a new line of dance apparel, using Dear Kate’s ultra-protective technology! Here, learn more about the science behind Dear Kate, just in time for Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28.

Dear Kate was launched in 2012 and was the first product of its kind. Its line of underwear and activewear are all lined with an Underlux fabric technology, which can act as a full replacement for pantiliners or as a back-up to your regular pad or tampon.

“That means you’re covered in case you start your period a little early, spot throughout the month or overflow your tampon,” assures Sarah Williams, marketing manager for Dear Kate. “Our Underlux technology is comprised of three layers of fabric. The first two layers are moisture-wicking and absorbent to keep you dry and comfy and have an antimicrobial finish. The protective outer layer is leak-resistant, so that the flow of any liquid that passes through the first two layers is stopped and does not leak through the garment. Our underwear can hold up to three teaspoons of liquid, approximately the absorbency of one tampon, depending on style.”

In addition to Dear Kate’s lining being super absorbent, it is also built to be breathable and soft against your skin.  The brand never uses plastic or latex in its garments; instead, the lining is 90 percent microfiber and 10 percent spandex. And cleaning promises to be a piece of cake! All products’ outer layer is stain-releasing, so the underwear and activewear are easy to clean in any washing machine.

Williams says that Dear Kate’s collections are made with the woman-on-the-move in mind, so they’re especially perfect for dancers. “Women need garments that support and protect them and keep up with whatever challenges their day may bring, whether it’s period overflow, vaginal discharge or sweat,” she adds. “Dear Kates move with you. [They] are cute, comfy and silky soft. With Dear Kates, staining and sweat show-through are a thing of the past.”

Adding Dear Kate to your dance drawer is a perfect way to celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day. It’s important for you to choose products that are right for you and your cycle. After all, you want to be sure you can move and dance confidently, with no fear of any embarrassment.

Stay tuned for Capezio’s new line of dance apparel using Dear Kate’s ultra-protective technology!

“Dancers should have the freedom to move the way they want, no matter what,” Williams says. “Now, with this collaboration, they can.”

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