Arch & Extend – dance barefoot, yet supported

  • August 31, 2016
  • by Rain Francis

So you love dancing barefoot, right? It makes you feel more grounded, more connected, more free. On the other hand – or foot – there’s nothing like your favorite pair of dance shoes – the way they hug your feet, give you a killer arch and allow you to turn with ease.

What if you could have it both ways…at once?

Introducing a brand new innovation in footwear: Arch & Extend by Capezio. This cool new product gives you the freedom of dancing barefoot, while still being fully supported.

The Arch & Extend by CapezioArch & Extend comes in two parts: a stretchy silicon “Arch” and a foot-hugging neoprene “Extend”. The best part is you can customize the footwear to suit your needs as a dancer. You can wear the two parts together, the Arch by itself, or you can wear the Arch with your favorite pair of dance shoes. It can even be worn with pointe shoes!

The sleek, strong, simple design of the Arch gives you full arch support and wraps around your heel – at once anchoring you and lifting you up.

Alison Stroming of New York City’s Dance Theatre of Harlem is one of the first dancers to road test the Arch & Extend, and so far she loves it.

“It is very light, comfortable and easy to slip on,” she says. “Also, when you are dancing, you feel like you are dancing barefoot, which is so great!”

Dancing barefoot is certainly popular these days, but it does come with risks, including foot injuries like plantar fasciitis. The Arch has been designed to help prevent injury by providing proper arch support and promoting correct posture.

“I think the new footwear is very innovative,” Alison says. “It is a new, effective way to train and support your feet while dancing, which is great for injury prevention.”

Arch & Extend can be used for jazz, contemporary, modern and ballet classes as an “invisible” foot support.

The Arch & Extend by CapezioAlison recently starred in the photoshoot for this new product at Peridance Capezio Center in NYC, and says it was a great experience.

“The shoot was very intimate, just me, the photographer and a member of the Capezio team, which made me feel very comfortable because I love to work more one-on-one,” Alison shares. “A majority of the shoot was improvisation, so I was free to just dance, be myself and have fun!”

We can’t wait to try out this exciting new footwear and take our barefoot routines to the next level!

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