Zoe Honsinger heads to YAGP NYC Finals

  • April 11, 2017
  • by Laura Di Orio

Fifteen-year-old Zoe Honsinger exudes a maturity and artistry well beyond her years. Her goals include dancing with a leading ballet company, and she’s well on her way to making those dreams come true. The new Capezio Athlete is currently gearing up for her appearance at the 2017 Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) New York City Finals this April 7-14. Here, get to learn a little more about this young, skillful ballerina.

What first got you into dancing, and why did you fall in love with the art form? 

“When I was really little, I saw a picture in a magazine and then asked my parents if I could go into dance. I remember being so amazed at how perfect the ballerina was and wanting to be just like her one day. My parents have videos of me as soon as I could sit up; I would rock back in forth to music. I guess you could say it is just in me. When I was three, I started dance and also did many other activities, but dance was always my favorite. I loved everything about it from day one.”

Zoe Honsinger. Photo by Tarzan Dan TDFotoWhere do you train, and what styles do you study? Do you have a favorite style? 

“I train at the Edge School for Athletes in Calgary, Alberta. It is an athletic school, so it allows you to focus on your sport and get an amazing education at the same time. The school has been a very important factor to my success, as well as my dance teacher, Caitlin Lockwood. We have four dance studios right in the school with an amazing gym as well.

I mostly do contemporary and ballet but specialize in classical ballet. It is my favorite and has been since the first day I put on a pair of ballet shoes.”

You’re about to compete at the YAGP NYC Finals. How exciting! What will you be performing, and how are you preparing for the event?

“I will be doing a Nikiya variation, as well as a contemporary solo called ‘Something Under Her Skin’, choreographed by Kiril Burlov. I am rehearsing a couple hours a week for those, as well as about 27 hours of ballet and contemporary.”

What’s your favorite part about participating in YAGP and other competitions? How do you think they can help you grow as a dancer?

“They help me grow as a dancer for so many reasons. Being on stage to preform in front of the head directors and teachers from around the world is extremely nerve-racking but such an important part of making connections and growing as a dancer. It is so good to start at a young age because I feel each year you can keep growing and improving. Having the opportunity for them to see you on stage, as well as taking classes with the best teachers in world, is so great!

One of the best things is meeting other dancers at these ballet events. I now have some of the most amazing friends whom I have met at YAGP from around the world. It is so nice to meet other dancers whom I have so much in common with, and I feel like I have known them forever. Watching all of these amazing ballet dancers perform pushes me to keep working hard. There are so many inspiring dancers at these events.”

What Capezio shoes and products do you wear? 

“I wear all of their products and love them! Some of my favorites that I use on a daily basis are their bags (I have a pink leather Giovanna for school, and my dance bag is called Dance in the Pocket Tote that keeps me organized), Cambré pointe shoes (love the look of my feet in them), Hanami ballet shoes (they really show off your feet), body suits (love the cut and colors of them) and the Quilted Warmup Bootie (keeps my feet warmed up)! I can’t leave the house without my RIP Stop Pants; they give my muscles a better chance of a proper warm-up!”

Why do you think Capezio is such an important brand for dancers? 

“Their products are consistent and last forever. The quality shows in every item, whether it is pointe shoes, body suits or bags. They are also always up on the latest fashions as well with colors and styles. I love how much they support our art; they are at so many dance events!”

What’s your favorite part about being a dancer?

“I love that I can be on stage and show everyone how much I love what I do. I love the feeling I get when I dance. I feel that with any other sports I do, I have the balance, strength and coordination to give them a good go. One thing I love most about being a dancer is that I am able to challenge myself every day.”

What are some of your dance goals? 

“My dream is to dance with The Royal Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. My goal is to be the best I can be and be happy doing it.”

When you’re not dancing, how do you like to spend your free time?

“When I am not dancing, I usually have schoolwork to catch up on. When that is finished, I love going for bike rides and hanging out with friends and family. I also really enjoy baking when time allows me to.”

Article produced by Dance Informa.

Photos: Zoe Honsinger. Photo by Tarzan Dan TDFoto.

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