Tate McRae dances in Australia

  • April 24, 2017
  • by Deborah Searle

Capezio Athlete Tate McRae just visited Australia to dance at the Victorian Dance Festival and enjoy a shopping night with fans at Capezio’s Melbourne store. Here, Tate talks about her first trip Down Under.

What was your favorite thing about visiting Australia?
“My favorite thing about visiting Australia would have to be getting exposed to a whole new culture and seeing how beautiful the country is. I also love their accents! It was fun listening to their different ways of saying things!”

What was the highlight of the Victorian Dance Festival for you?
“The Festival just had an incredible feel to it! It was like a dance community. Everyone just shared their passion and love for dance – there was no competitiveness. It was amazing! All the dancers were so nice and encouraging to each other.”

Tell us about the shopping evening at the beautiful Capezio Melbourne store.

“My shopping evening was amazing. The highlight of the night was when a girl came and sang a song for me. She then gave me a ukulele with the Australian flag on it! What an amazing souvenir to take home. I also got to talk to a girl who is going through a rough patch in her life, and seeing her face light up as I talked to her was definitely something I will never forget.”

Photo by Flash Dance Photography
Photo by Flash Dance Photography.

One lucky dancer won a $500 shopping spree with you! Did you enjoy shopping with her?

“Yes! Sian was such a beautiful and kind girl. I loved helping her pick out cute Capezio items and make a new friend at the same time. I helped her pick out a whole variety of things – from simple and classy leos to fun warm-ups that you can wear to class every day. And of course, she got the essential must-have Capezio ballet and jazz shoes. I also loved meeting Dionne Nicolaou, a Capezio Athlete from Australia.”

Would you like to return to Australia?

“Yes. Australian dancers have such a positive vibe to each and every one of them! They were all so sweet and kind. I loved Australia and the people and would love to see more of it. I would have loved to go to the Great Barrier Reef and go diving (my brother and dad did; they said it was incredible). Hopefully I will be able to come back some day.”

Article produced by Dance Informa.
Photos by Flash Dance Photography.
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