Jordan Matter Tiny Dancers Among Us Contest

  • April 19, 2017
  • by Grace L. Munoz

Bestselling New York Times author and world-renowned photographer Jordan Matter has teamed up with Macphun and Capezio for a photo submission contest!

Between March 23, 2017 and May 1, 2017, dancers across the US can submit their best dance photos to Macphun and Jordan Matter Photography. Jordan Matter will travel to the two winners for a photo shoot. They will also be featured in his next book, Tiny Dancers Among Us, and will receive $500 worth of Capezio apparel and shoes of their choice!

Mykie – Brooklyn, NY/ Jordan Matter Photography

Jordan spoke with Capezio’s Spotlight blog earlier this week about his professional journey and inspirations for this contest.

After taking a black and white photography course, Jordan quickly discovered that photography was his passion. He started taking street photos and quickly realized that he “did not have the patience to wait for things to happen.” So, his work is primarily about “creating those moments” in an authentic way. Jordan did portraiture for many years and, although he did photograph dancers, it was never about dance or the movement.

Emmy – Denver, CO / Jordan Matter Photography

Matter’s son inspired his first New York Times best seller, Dancers Among Us. Watching his young son play, Jordan said he felt “inspired by his enthusiasm for his fantasy life.” Using the movement of dance to evoke the same feelings, Dancers Among Us was born. Many years later it was his daughter, who inspired him to begin his next project, Tiny Dancers Among Us. He took his children out to shovel snow and decided to bring his camera with him. Matter snapped a photo of his daughter, stating, “She looked at me and hit an arabesque. She took something mundane and made it beautiful and humorous.

Salish – Nyack, NY / Jordan Matter Photography

When the company Macphun contacted him, Jordan wanted to be able to reach beyond the everyday dance story and represent the diversity of childhood stories in America. Matter says he was looking for personal stories to speak to the challenges that some child dancers face when getting to their goals.

The photographer had this to say about the submissions for the Tiny Dancers Among Us contest: “The most important thing is that everybody should submit. The story is just as important as the dancing.”

Jaden – Steamboat Springs, CO / Jordan Matter Photography

The book Tiny Dancers Among Us will be available in Fall of 2018.

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