Fun and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

  • October 21, 2016
  • by Laura Di Orio

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means it’s costume brainstorming time! Here, we offer some fun and easy costume ideas for dancers, paired with hair and makeup tips from Rena Most, hair and makeup stylist for American Ballet Theatre. And what’s really fun is that these are not just one-time-only purchases. Save these pieces for future use in dance class and rehearsal!

Unicorn Capezio#1. Catwoman

We love girl power, and we love any excuse to wear the hip Capezio Rebel Boot! Meow!

The costume: Stella Tank Leotard (in shiny, black leather-like material), Naomi Legging, Rebel Boot (perfect for street and studio), black cat ears.

The hair: Slick back, high bun with cat ear headband.

The makeup: Strong black “cat eye” eyeliner, black-tipped nose, whiskers and red lips.

#2. 80s Aerobics Dancer

The ‘80s were so much fun because they were all about legwarmers and high ponytails. Match up some stylized dancewear items, and get ready for some “5, 6, 7, 8!”

The costume: Stirrup Legging, Metallic Sheen Legwarmers, Dance Down the Runway Graphic Top, Camisole Bra Top (in your favorite color), Headband.

The hair: High side ponytail.

The makeup: Blue eyeshadow, pink blush, pink lips.

#3. Ragdoll

Think Raggedy Ann with lots of stripes and laces. Makeup will help put the finishing touch on this costume!

The costume: Tie to the Studio Leg Warmers in Sassy Stripes, Sassy and Classy Denim Short, Fitted Knitted Bra Top.

The hair: Pigtail braids.

The makeup: Rosy cheeks, soft pink lips.

Deer Capezio#4. Create-Your-Own Superhero

Use a little creativity for this one – make up your superhero name, personality and super powers!

The costume: Strength Capri Leggings, Endurance Bra Top, fingerless gloves, a mask.

The hair: High ponytail.

The makeup: Metallic eyeshadow, strong eyeliner with a wing, bold lipstick in red or maroon.

#5. Leopard

Be a fierce, girly jungle cat with these fun, pink leopard print patterns!

The costume: Dancing in Capri Legging from the Betsey Johnson Collection, Charmed I’m Sure Keyhole Bra Top in Fierce Dancer, cat ears.

The hair: Slicked high bun or a slick braid.

The makeup: Black “cat eye” eyeliner, brown smokey eye, orange-brown cheek contour, dark pink or brown lips.

Fox Capezio#6. Punk Ballerina

Be a ballerina with an edge. This costume has great individual items that you’ll want in your dance drawer!

The costume: Footloose and Dance-y Free Tutu, Crop Studio Fishnet Tights in black, Dance My Rock Graphic Top, fingerless gloves.

The hair: Center part, two high messy buns.

The makeup: Black smokey eyes, pale/neutral lipgloss.

#7. Zombie

Sometimes you just want to be something creepy for Halloween. Here’s a simple costume for a walking-dead zombie. Makeup for this one could be so much fun!

The costume: Zoe Poncho, Aubrey Pant, Rebel Boot.

The hair: Teased, messy hair (hair down).

The makeup: Pale foundation, black smokey eyes, black lips, dark cheek contour (can use black/gray eyeshadow).

#8. Simone Biles/Aly Raisman/your favorite U.S.A. Gymnast

They somersaulted up a storm this summer at the Rio Olympics. Channel your favorite gold medal-winning gymnast with this amazing leotard!

The costume: Freedom Long Sleeve Leotard in Red/White/Blue Anthem, a (plastic) gold medal, maybe some chalk or Rosin for a finishing touch, and got a wrist or ankle brace laying around?

The hair: Very slick high knot bun.

The makeup: Natural-looking makeup, soft eyeliner, light blush and neutral-colored lipstick.

Fairy Capezio#9. Fairy

Be your favorite Tinkerbell-type fairy with these delicate dancewear items. Don’t forget the glitter!

The costume: Anastasia Leotard, Rosaria Skirt.

The hair: Low bun, glitter in hair, flower wreath.

The makeup: Glittery eyeshadow, pink lips, glitter on cheek bones.

Luckily, these costume ideas don’t require special, heavy makeup or products, but you of course want to take care of your skin following all the Halloween fun! “For these looks, follow your regular skin regiments,” ABT hair and makeup stylist Rena Most says. “Wash and care for your skin as normal. Remove makeup, wash and remember to moisturize at the end of the night.”

Happy Halloween!

Article produced by Dance Informa.

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