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  • April 19, 2017
  • by Laura Di Orio

Julet Leather Ballet Slipper
Julet Leather Ballet Slipper

In honor of Capezio’s 130th anniversary this year, we’ve compiled a collection of 30 Capezio products we just love. For 130 years, Capezio has served as a reliable source of quality, innovative dancewear items and shoes and has catered to dance stars of all genres all over the globe. Here are 30 items that keep us dancing happily and on our toes!

It all started with the shoes.

In 1887, Salvatore Capezio opened his shop near the old Metropolitan Opera House in New York City and began a business of repairing theatrical shoes for the Met. But his reputation and popularity grew, and he was soon the favorite craftsman for dancers’ shoes.

Today, Capezio shoes still remain a favorite for dancers ranging from student to professional. From ballet shoes (the classic 1. Leather Juliet Slipper [or its canvas counterpart] and the ultimate children’s shoe, the 2. Daisy – Kids) to the 3. Fierce Dansneaker®, Capezio offers well-constructed shoes that are comfortable and dependable.

For those pointe dancers, we love Capezio’s latest pointe shoe style, the 4. Donatella, great for students and professional dancers, too.

Capezio Tapsonic
Capezio Tapsonic

Capezio’s tap shoes are the ultimate in quality sound and construction. For those young tappers, there are the best-selling 5. Mary Jane – Kids and 6. Jr. Tyette™ – Kids. And there’s something for every tap dancer’s needs with these: the super soft 7. Flex Mastr Tap, the lightweight 8. Fluid Tap, the sleek and groundbreaking 9. Tapsonic, the 2” heeled 10. T-Strap, the classic-looking 11. Cadence Tap Shoe, the 12. Tic Tap Toe (try saying that 5 times fast!) and the best-selling 13. Premiere Tap.

Nothing says “jazz” like Capezio’s 14. E-Series Jazz Oxford and its classic appearance! (Or its shoelace-free version, the 15. E-Series Jazz Slip On!) Dance in comfort with the 16. Show Stopper Jazz Shoe, and show off those beautifully pointed feet with the 17. Split Sole Jazz Ankle Boot or the flattering 18. Freeform Jazz Shoe.

Capezio has got dancers of every style covered – ballroom and contemporary, too. The 19. Social Dance – Rosa 2.5” Heel is one gorgeous shoe we love! And if you love to turn, then the 20. Pirouette II is for you.

Leotards: A must-have. 

A dancer’s leotard is her staple, and luckily, Capezio offers some of the most stylish, comfortable and well-made leotards on the market. There’s the classic 21. Tank Leotard, a traditionally cut leotard available in a wide range of colors. For the little ballerinas, the 22. Short Sleeve Leotard – Girls is a must, and the 23. Camisole Leotard with Adjustable Straps can be worn in ballet class or paired with shorts for jazz or contemporary class. And there’s something absolutely revolutionary about the 24. Dear Kate Camilux Leotard, with built-in leak-absorption protection.

Camisole Leotard
Camisole Leotard

Tights: Can’t get enough!

A dancer’s dance drawer has got to be stocked with multiple pairs of tights – for class, rehearsal, and those fresh pairs for competition or performance. We love Capezio’s 25. Ultra Soft Transition™ Tight, stretchy and comfortable, perfect for ballet or pointe class, and versatile enough for modern, too! Stretchy and soft, too, are the 26. Ultra Soft Footed Tight (and 27. Ultra Soft Footed Tight – Girls are available for those young dancers as well). These supremely soft, seamless tights are also available as the 28. Ultra Soft Stirrup Tight. And for the performance-ready, theatrical look, nothing compares to Capezio’s 29. Professional Fishnet Seamless Tight.

And this one gives it all!

Perhaps one of the greatest items Capezio offers? A 30. Capezio Gift Card. It’s every dancer’s shopping spree dream!

Article produced by Dance Informa.

Photo (top): The 2016 Capezio Model Search winners in Capezio leotards. Photo by Chris Reilly.

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